Staff Profiles

It is the philosophy of Betty Boo's Daycare that early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring and discovery.  Children are creative and receptive, and our staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend.

Meet our Staff:

Miss Beth - Director

Miss BethMy Name is Beth (Miss Beth) Last.  "Mr. Kevin" and I were married in 1990 and have four children - Ryan born in 1996, Troy in 1998, Jacqueline in 2002 and Colin in 2004.  I have lived in Westland all my life.  I went to Lutheran grade school and high school, and I also have a degree in accounting.  "Mr. Kevin" and I met in a youth group called "Sing Out Dearborn".  I have worked outside the home, been through the job changes and the layoffs. 

I worked in a daycare center for a year before opening BBDC.  I found out how much I loved working with children.  I also discovered that I did not like being with so many children at one time, because I did not get the chance to know each them, nor spend quality time with them on a 1 to 1 basis.  "Mr. Kevin" and I have operated a daycare in our home since 1995, and have raised our family in this fun-filled environment.


Miss Wendy

Miss WendyHi, I'm Miss Wendy.  I think kids are great!  My personal motto is "Ya Gotta Love 'Em!  That's what they're here for!"  And, I have a bit of experience with them too!  I have 6 children of my own; the older five were all born between 1980 and 1986, and our youngest was born in 1995.

For 13 years before and after the birth of my older children, I was supervisor of the evening childcare unit of Van Buren Public Schools' Adult Education.  I've been a volunteer art teacher as well as President/Chairperson/participant for many committees and functions at our school - St. John's Lutheran in Westland.  I am also President/working owner of Integrity Cleaning Inc. - servicing commercial and executive clients n Wayne and Oakland counties since 1992.  My wonderfully supportive husband,  Mr. Jim ("J") Brown is a real estate salesman with Century 21-Belvil Realty, Inc. - Multi Million Dollar Club.


Mr. Kevin

Mr. Kevin

Hello there!  My name is Kevin Last.  Together, my wife Beth and I are better known as "Mr. Kevin" and "Miss Beth".  These "names" we're given to use by the children we have been blessed to watch over.  Those names just kinda stuck with us over the years; and now, we catch ourselves calling each other by those names.  "Miss Beth" and I have owned and operated Betty Boo's Daycare since 1995, and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

We operate our daycare utilizing a family theme.  We consider it an honor and a blessing to be entrusted with these little ones.  We hope you take a serious look at ALL we offer to enhance your child, and prepare them for their next big step in life, entering kindergarten.